Protect your contractor revenue from IR35 reform is an easy to use tool that helps your organisation establish whether an individual engagement for a contractor is inside or outside IR35, your potential financial exposure and, depending on your goal, give you advice on how to change the result.

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Protect your contractor revenue from IR35 reform

Prevent your clients from making blanket declarations

Clients may give all their contractors the same IR35 determination out of fear since they take much of the finanical risk with the reforms.

Using our white-label branded feature you can provide them the tools the consistently assess their contractors and not exclude personnel unnecessarily.

This can either become a value add for your existing services or a new revenue stream.

Get the right results (without expensive IR35 audits)

Accurate assessments are critical, but using £100/hour IR35 accountants across all your contractors, for every different engagement is not scalable.

Our virtual IR35 expert is available 24 hours a day and provides results in minutes.

Challenge decisions quickly

The new legislation allows you to challenge your clients' assessments.

Withour this would mean employing an IR35 consultant who might not be available for several days - by which time the contractor has accepted a new engagement. empowers you to make those challenges almost instantly.

Prove your own due diligence

In some cases the financial liability can transfer from your clients to you. If you've not done your own due diligence you could be left exposed.

Protect yourself by carrying out your own assessments.

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IR35 is changing in April 2020 - are you ready?